Drug Delivery Techniques

Drug conveyance is the technique for directing a pharmaceutical compound to build up a therapeutic impact in people or creatures. It is incorporated idea with dose frame and course of organization. Nasal and aspiratory courses of medication conveyance systems are picking up significance for the treatment of human maladies. These strategies are worried about the medication discharge profile, assimilation, dispersion and end for the headway of the item practicality and security and patient comfort and consistence. To lower the pharmaceutical debasement and mishap, to extend sedate bioavailability and to foresee pernicious responses distinctive prescription movement and solution concentrating on methods are starting at now a work in advance.

  • Polymeric drug delivery technique
  • Drug delivery using Nanotechnology
  • Drug Eluting Stents
  • Acoustic targeted drug delivery
  • Transdermal drug delivery system
  • Strategies for the drug delivery to the brain
  • Drug targets and Drug carrier